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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    871998,,351,pp53-59 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    861998,,61,pp129-134 (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    861998, (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    861997,,100,2,pp155-162 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    86Kuo, C-C, R-S Chen, L Lu, and R-C Chen,1997,Carbamazepine inhibition of neuronal Na+ currents: quantitative distinction from phenytoin and possible therapeutic implications,Molecular Pharmacology,51,6,pp1077-1083 (SCI)Ren-Shiang Chen
    861997,,21,pp91-95 (非SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    861997,,143,pp3513-3520 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    841996,,45,pp95-102 (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    84Chen, RS,1995,Chaos, cognition, and physiology,Science Monthly,26,4,pp301-306 (非SCI)Ren-Shiang Chen
    841995,,270,pp992-994 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
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