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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    882000,,57,pp239-249 (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    881999,,100,3,pp189-194 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    881999,Lin Y.-W., Lin, C.-W. and Chen, T.-Y. Elimination of the Slow Gating of ClC-0 Chloride Channel by a point Mutation. (1999) J. Gen. Physiol. 114:1-12. (SCI)Yu-Wen Lin
    88Lin TC, Lin TT, Chiang JM, Hsia YJ, King HB,1999,A study on typhoon disturbance to the canopy of natural hardwood forest in northeastern,Taiwan. Q. Jour. Chin. For.,32,1,pp67-78 (非SCI)Jyh-Min Chiang
    881999,,145,pp3081-3088 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    881999,,23,pp175-180 (非SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    881999,,98,pp705-707 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
    871999,,54,pp250-266 (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    871999,,54,pp648-655 (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    871998,,1407,2,pp155-162 (SCI)Mingli Hsieh
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