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    1072018,,39,pp12-25 (SCI)Pi-Han Wang
    107Shih YT, Chen PH, Lee LC, Liao CS, Jien SH, Shiah FK, Lee TY, Hein T, Zehetner F, Chang CT, and Huang JC.,2018,Dynamic Responses of DOC and DIC Transport to Different Flow Regimes in a Subtropical Small Mountainous River,Hydrology and Earth System Sciences,22,pp6579-6590 (SCI)
    1072018, (SCI)Pi-Han Wang
    107Wang, MC and HC Lin*,2018,The air-breathing paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis) differs from aquatic breathers in strategies to maintain energy homeostasis under hypoxic and thermal stresses.,9 (SCI)Hui-Chen Lin
    107Ho-Chen Tsai, Jyh-Min Chiang, Ryan W. McEwan ,Teng-Chiu Lin,2018,Decadal effects of thinning on understory light environments and plant community structure in a subtropical forest ,Ecosphere,9,10,ppe02464- (SCI)Jyh-Min Chiang
    107Chang CT, Vadeboncoeur M, and Lin TC.,2018,Resistance and resilience of social-ecological systems to recurrent typhoon disturbance on a subtropical island-Taiwan,Ecosphere,9,ppe02071- (SCI)
    107Hsu. R. C.-C., Wolf,J. H.D., Tsai, J.-M., Lin, Y.-C.,2018,The long-term effect of typhoons on vascular epiphytes in Taiwan,Journal of Tropical Ecology,34,5,pp308-315 (SCI)Yiching Lin
    107Che-Ling Ho, Jyh-Min Chiang, Teng-Chiu Lin, Craig E. Martin,2018,First report of C4/CAM-cycling photosynthetic pathway in a succulent grass, Spinifex littoreus (Brum. f.) Merr., in coastal regions of Taiwan,Flora (SCI)Jyh-Min Chiang
    107Lutz, J. A., Furniss, T. J., Johnson, D. J.,.. Lin,Y.-C. et al (98 authors). ,2018,Global importance of large‐diameter trees,Global Ecology and Biogeography,27,pp849-864 (SCI)Yiching Lin
    107Daniel J. Johnson, Jessica Needham, Chonggang Xu, Elias C. Massoud, Stuart J. Davies, Kristina J. Anderson-Teixeira, Sarayudh Bunyavejchewin, Jeffery Q. Chambers, Chia-Hao Chang-Yang, Jyh-Min Chiang, George B. Chuyong, Richard Condit, Susan Cordell, Christine Fletcher, Christian P. Giardina, Thomas W. Giambelluca, Nimal Gunatilleke, Savitri Gunatilleke, Chang-Fu Hsieh, Stephen Hubbell, Faith Inman-Narahari, Abdul Rahman Kassim, Masatoshi Katabuchi, David Kenfack, Creighton M. Litton, Shawn Lum, Mohizah Mohamad, Musalmah Nasardin, Perry S. Ong, Rebecca Ostertag, Lawren Sack, Nathan G. Swenson, I Fang Sun, Sylvester Tan, Duncan W. Thomas, Jill Thompson, Maria Natalia Umaña, Maria Uriarte, Renato Valencia, Sandra Yap, Jess Zimmerman, Nate G. McDowell & Sean M. McMahon,2018,Climate sensitive size-dependent survival in tropical trees,Nature Ecology and Evolution,2,pp1436-1442 (SCI)Jyh-Min Chiang
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