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    Others近五年國外學者來訪交流 (非參與研討會)
    Dr. Masaharu Motokawa, Kyoto University Museum, Japan
    Dr. HiroshinRiquimaroux, Doshisha University, Japan
    Dr. Senichi Oda, Nagoya University, Japan
    Dr. Hisashi Abe, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Dr. Gabor Csorba, Hungarian Natural History Museum. Hungary
    Dr. Masashi Harada, Osaka City University, Japan
    Dr. Manyuan Long, The University of Chicago, USA
    Dr. Lindy Lumsden, Arthur Rylah Inst. for Environmental Research, Australia
    Dr. Kerry Foresman, The University of Montana, USA
    Dr. Yoshinari Kawamura, Aichi University of Education, Japan
    Dr. Hidetoshi Ota, University of Ryukyus, Japan
    Dr. Masaki Moriwaki, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Dr. Shuhei Hayaishi, University of Ryukyus, Japan
    Dr. Tokuma Yanai, Gifu University, Japan
    Dr. Mieczyslaw Wolsan, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    Dr. Hitoshi Suzuki, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Liang-Kong Lin
    Translation生物學-探索生命:偉明圖書出版(負責生態部分)Liang-Kong Lin
    Book Chapters2000 “The status and conservation of Taiwan’s mustelids”. In”Mustelids in a modern world. Management and conservation aspects of small carnivore: human interactions” edited by H. I. Griffiths, pp.331-335. Backhuys Publisher, Leiden The Netherlands.Liang-Kong Lin
    OthersLee, Y-H. and C-P. Lin. 2008. A brief introduction of studies and methods for a speciation model with gene flow (in Chinese). Biological Sciences. 51(1): 10-20.Chung-Ping Lin
    Book ChaptersOgle, K., M. Uriarte, J. Thompson, J. Johnstone, A. Jones, Y. Lin, E. McIntire, and J. Zimmerman. 2006. Implications of vulnerability to hurricane damage for long-term survival of tropical tree species: A Bayesian hierarchical analysis. In: J.S. Clark and A.E. Gelfand (Eds.) Hierarchical Modelling for the Environmental Sciences: Statistical Methods and Applications. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.Yiching Lin
    Book Chapters
    I-Fang Sun
    Others2004   關永才、巫奇勳、徐敏益、林逸賢、莊銘豐。兩棲爬行動物資源調查方法及技術。農委會整合性生物資源調查人力培訓研習會。國立中興大學。台中。Yeong-Choy Kam
    Others2003   關永才、巫奇勳、陳鴻銓、邱嘉德、莊銘豐、徐敏益。台灣中部地區生物資源調查及研究之五-兩棲爬蟲動物。台灣生物資源調查與研究研討會論文集。 國立中山大學。高雄。Yeong-Choy Kam
    Book ChaptersLevin, G. A., Suloway, L., Miner, J. J., Plocher, A. E., Hutto, F. R., Phillips, C. A., Agarwal, J., and Lin, Y. 2002. Status and function of isolated wetlands in Illinois, Illinois Natural History Survey.Yiching Lin
    Others2001   關永才、賴勇志。關刀溪森林生態系-兩棲爬蟲類。國立中興大學實驗林管理處。Yeong-Choy Kam
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