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 Pi-Han Wang File download Adobe PDF
 Wei-Ting Chao 澄清東海癌症研究基金簡介 Adobe PDF
 Hui-Chen Lin 檔案下載 Word
Evolution of Duplicate Gene Sequences, Expression Patterns, and Functions in the Brassicaceae and Other RosidsShao-Lun (Allen) Liu 博士論文 (Ph.D. Dissertation) Adobe PDF
Managing forest plantations for biodiversity and environmental conservation, and timber production in TaiwanI-Fang Sun 
General flowering events in SE Asia lowland Dipterocarp forestsI-Fang Sun 
Research DescriptionGuang-Yuh Hwang Research.doc Word
The relationships between caveolin-1 and ABCA1 on cellular cholesterol efflux in aortic endothelial cellsVivian Cheng Yang 
Tissue engineering a blood vessel equivalent: Fabrication, molecular, physiological analysis and animal model applicationVivian Cheng Yang 
The phylogenetic relationships of the calcified genera of Galaxauraceae (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) from Taiwan based on rbcL sequence and morphological evidenceShao-Lun (Allen) Liu 碩士論文 (Master Thesis) Adobe PDF
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