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Entry Year106
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)Temporal coexistence mechanisms contribute to the latitudinal gradient in forest diversity
Name of journalNature
Date of publication2017-10-00
number of chapters550
Issue No.7674
Starting page105
Starting page108
Total number of pages4
Name of author (Chinese)Yiching Lin
Name of author (English)Yiching Lin
AuthorsUsinowicz, J., Chang-Yang C.-H., Chen, Y. Y., Clark, J. S, Fletcher, C., Garwood, N. C, Hao, Z, Johnstone,J, Lin, Y.-C., Metz, M. R., Masaki, T., Nakashizuka,T., Sun, I.-F, Valencia R., Wang, Y., Zimmerman, J. K, Ives, A. R., Wright, S. J.
Number of authors18
Author's typeOther
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Language usedEnglish
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