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Philip Hung-Sun JenProfessor
Research expertiseNeuroethology, auditory physiology, sound localization, biosonar in bats
Insectivorous bats hunt insects by means of biosonar. During hunting, they emit ultrasonic signals and listen to the returning echoes to extract information about the insects. The m
Highest DiplomaPhD Washington University, Department of Biology
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Carton Wen-Sheng ChenProfessor
Research expertiseMolecular Genetics of Streptomyces, and their structures, replication, and mobilit
Highest Diploma美國德州大學達拉斯分校博士
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Huang, Wen-SanProfessor
Research expertise1) 爬蟲類生態
2) 行為演化生態學
3) 生殖生態學
4) 族群生態學
5) 環境變遷對島嶼爬蟲類(蜥蜴和蛇)生態的衝擊
6) 島嶼爬蟲類生態學。
Highest DiplomaCornell University, Ph.D.
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Ning Labbish ChaoProfessor
Research expertise1) Ichthyology
2) Sciaenidae taxonomy
3) Amazon fish Conservation
4) Evolution & Biogeography
Highest DiplomaVirgina Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, Ph.D.
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T. Y. Aleck YangProfessor
Research expertise1) 植物系統分類學 (plant systematics)
2) 台灣毛茛科 (Ranunculaceae) 植物花粉學、形態學及細胞學研究。
Highest Diploma英國瑞丁大學植物學系博士
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Chun-Hsiang ChangProfessor
Research expertise1) 針對遠東地區第四紀真象科化石,進行系統性的生物地層、演化分類與古生態環境之研究
2) 與中國大陸、日本、英國等相關單位,進行古象化石之合作研究
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Hsin Ling HsuAssociate Professor
Research expertise細胞分子生物學
Highest Diploma陽明大學博士
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Yun-Jin JiangAssociate Professor
Research expertise發育生物學
Highest DiplomaUniversity of Tuebingen, Ph.D
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Yi-Rong ChenAssociate Professor
Research expertise癌症生物學
Highest DiplomaBaylor College of Medicine, Ph.D.
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Yi-Hsing ChenAssociate Professor
Research expertise臨床免疫學
Highest Diploma東海大學博士
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Cheng-Hsu ChenAssociate Professor
Research expertise腎絲球腎炎
Highest Diploma東海大學博士
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Cara Lin BridgmanAssistant Professor
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Ming ChenProfessor
Research expertiseHead, Department of Genomic Medicine, Changhua Christian Hospital, Changhua;
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Department of Ob/Gyn, National Taiwan University, Taipei;
Department of Life Sciences, National Chung-Hsing University, Taichung;
Department of
Highest DiplomaMD, National Taiwan University;PhD, Institute of Zoology, National Taiwan University
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Hung-Chin HoAssistant Professor
Highest DiplomaPhD University University, Department of Life Science
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林維文Associate Professor
Research expertise1) 心臟超音波
2) 動脈硬化分子研究
Highest Diploma東海大學生命科學系博士
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Yuan-Kai ChengAssistant Professor
Research expertise1) Rhinology, Diseases of Sinuses & Endoscopic Surgery
2) Sleep Medicine; Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnea
3) Allergy and Clinical Immunology
4) Genetic Analysis
5) Free Radical Biology & Medicine
Highest DiplomaTunghai University, Ph.D.
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Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
Telephone number32456 (office)
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Assistant Professor
Research expertiseInvasive ants (e.g. Anoplolepis gracilipes)
Behavioral ecology of social insects
Insect Pest Management
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Assistant Professor
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