Full-time Teacher
ID photo
Pi-Han WangProfessor and Chairman
Telephone number32423(office)、32424(lab)
Highest DiplomaUniversity of Birmingha, Ph.D.
ID photo
Mingli Hsieh特聘教授
Research expertiseNeurodegenerative Disorder
Mitochondrial Disease
Molecular Medicine
Telephone number32443(office)、32444(lab)
Highest DiplomaUniversity of California, Los Angles, Ph.D.
ID photo
Yeong-Choy Kam特聘教授
Research expertiseHerpetology, Vertebrate Zoology
Highest DiplomaUniversity of Florida, Ph.D
ID photo
Hui-Chen Lin特聘教授兼研發長
Research expertisePhysiological Ecology, Evolutionary Physiology, Aquatic Biology and Wetland Ecology
Telephone number32418(office)、32419(lab)
Highest DiplomaPennsylvania State University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Guang-Yuh HwangProfessor
Research expertiseVirology, Molecular Biology
Telephone number32430(office)、32431(lab)
Highest DiplomaUtah State University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Liang-Kong Lin特聘教授兼教務長
Research expertiseWildlife ecology, Conservation biology, Mammalogy
Highest DiplomaKyushu University, Ph.D.
ID photo
I-Min Tso特聘教授​兼勞教長
Research expertiseBehavior ecology
Telephone number32410(office)、32411(lab)
Highest DiplomaUniversity of Michigan, Ph.D.
ID photo
Seng-Sheen FanProfessor
Research expertiseMorphogenesis
Telephone number32445 (office)、32446 (lab)
Highest DiplomaPurdue University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Yi-Wen LiuProfessor
Research expertiseZebrafish organogenesis
Nuclear receptor signaling
Developmental endocrinology
Developmental vascular biology
Telephone number886-4-23590121 ext 32432(office)、32433(lab)
Highest DiplomaTsing-Hua University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Jyh-Min ChiangProfessor
Research expertiseecosystem ecology, plant ecophysiology, plant community ecology
Telephone number32408(office)、32409(lab)
Highest DiplomaOhio University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Yu-Chen TsaiAssociate Professor
Telephone number32434(office)、32435(lab)
Highest DiplomaYang-Ming University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Yiching LinProfessor
Research expertisePlant Ecology, Population and community ecology, Quantitative ecology, Spatial analysis
Telephone number32406(office)、32407(lab)
Highest DiplomaUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D.
ID photo
Wei-Ting ChaoAssociate Professor
Research expertiseCell Biology, Cancer Biology.
Telephone number32447(office)、32448(lab)
Highest DiplomaTunghai University, Ph.D.
ID photo
Shao-Lun (Allen) LiuAssociate Professor
Research expertiseMolecular and Genome Evolution, Molecular Systematics, Molecular Ecology
Telephone number+886-4-23590121 ext. 32414 (Office) & 32415 (Lab)
Highest DiplomaUniversity of British Columbia, Ph.D.
ID photo
Ren-Shiang ChenAssistant Professor
Research expertiseCellular electrophysiology of neuronal and cardiac tissues
Ion channel biophysics
Single-channel recordings
Telephone number+886-4-23590121 ext. 32436(O), 32439(Lab)
Highest DiplomaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D.
ID photo
Colin Kuo-Chang WenAssistant Professor
Research expertiseCoral reef fish ecology
Marine reserves
Environmental impact assessment
Marine field ecology and conservation biology
Telephone number+886 4-23590121 ext 32412
Highest DiplomaJames Cook University, PhD
ID photo
Assistant Professor
ID photo
Yi-Chun YenAssistant Professor
Research expertiseNeuroscience, Biological Psychology, Animal Behavior, Animal Models of Psychiatric Disorders
Telephone number+886-4-23590121 ext. 32450 (Office) 32439 (Lab)
Highest DiplomaLudwig Maximilian University of Munich, Ph.D.
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