Research Lab.
TitlePlant Genome and Molecular Evolution Lab
Extension no.+886-4-23590121 ext. 32414 (Office) & 32415 (Lab)
LocationLS134 (Office) & LS136 (Lab), Dept. of Life Science
Participating professorShao-Lun (Allen) Liu
Participating coordination professorLS134
FacilityBasic equipments for molecular biology analysis (e.g. PCR, RT-PCR, eletrophoresis, etc.)
Research directionMy research interests mainly focus on genome evolution, molecular evolution, gene expression evolution, and molecular ecology in plants (including flowering plants and algae). I use various molecular tools, bioinformatics analyses (by using Perl and R), and high-throughput sequencing techniques (e.g., illumina and 454 pyrosequencing) to address various evolutionary or ecological questions. Some of the research questions that I like to pursue are listed below.

(1) How do duplicated genes diverge in of functions and subcellular localization over evolution?

(2) How do expression patterns of duplicated genes diverge across different organ types and developmental stages? How does expression divergence contribute to the retention of duplicated genes?

(3) Does whole genome duplication facilitate the species diversification in plants?

(4) What is the effect of external factors on the plant biodiversity under extreme environments such as high acidity, high temperature, and high heavy metal ions? How do these species adapt to such extreme environments?

To tackle these questions, I study cotton and Arabidopsis for questions about molecular and expression evolution of duplicated genes (Question 1~2), and study galaxauraceous algae and hot spring red algae for questions about species diversification and biodiversity (Question 3~4). I will be more than happy to supervise any undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in studying genome evolution, molecular evolution, gene expression evolution, and molecular ecology in plants. Please feel free to contact me.
StudentsChia-Jung Hsieh (master student), Pei-Hsuan Lai (master student), Tsai-Yin Hsieh (Undergraduate student), Su-Chi Chou (master student), Chiong-Zhi Zhang (Undergraduate student)
Reference linkhttp://algae.thu.edu.tw/lab/
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