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TitleCell Biology Laboratory Speciality: Vascular Biology
Extension no.32448, 32447
Participating professorWei-Ting Chao
Research directionIt has been recognized that the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) plays an important role in the prevention of atherogenic plaque formation. However, there is considerable debate on the mechanisms involved in HDL-mediated cholesterol efflux from cells. The non-coated vesicular structure "caveolae" which have been implicated in cellular transport were recognized as flask-shaped indentations of the cell membrane a half century ago. Biochemical analysis indicates that this structure plays an important role in the regulation of cellular cholesterol homeostasis. However, the interaction among caveolin-1, a main structural component of caveolae,ABCA1,and HDL is still unknown. Since this information is important to further elucidate the underlying mechanisms of HDL-mediated cholesterol efflux from cell, our work focuses on the location and distribution of caveolin-1 and ABCA1 in the cholesterol-loaded cells after HDL exposure. Other projects undergoing in our laboratory include:
1. reconstruction of 3D structure of caveolae by confocal and electron microscopy,

2. distribution and expression of ATP binding cassete membrane transporter ( ABCA1) and caveolin-1 in cholesterol-loaded endothelial cells after exposure to HDL,

3. cholesterol efflux in caveolin-1- and ABCA1-overexpressed and down-regulated endothelial cells
4. redistribution of caveolin-1 in the down-reulated ABCA1 endothelial cells and the underlying mechanisms on the cellular cholesterol efflux
StudentsPostdoctoral fellow: Dr. Chan-Yen Kuo
PH.D. students: HC Hou(MD), MJ Hong(MD), SH Tsai
MS student BH Lee
Junior students: HC Ling, CH Hong, HC Chang
Reference linkhttp://www.thu.edu.tw/web/news/news_detail.php?cid=8&id=962
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