Research Lab.
TitleBehavioral Ecology Lab
Extension no.04-23590121#32411
Participating professorI-Min Tso
Participating coordination professorLS025
Research directionBehavioral interactions between kleptoparasites spiders (Theridiidae: Argyrodes) and host spiders.
Spider biodiversity in Taiwan.
Phylogeography of the giant wood spider (Nephila, Araneae).
Mechanical, genetical and behavioral-ecology properties of spider silk.
Behavioral interaction between spiders and insects from visual ecology.
StudentsJun-Nan Huang, Pao-Shen Huang,
Cheng-huei Lai, Chueh Hou, Yi-Hsuan Tseng。
Reference linkhttp://araneae.thu.edu.tw/index.php?page=home&lang=zh
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