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    Lecture陳雲翔 博士(Influenza A virus activates PI3K signaling for efficient virus replication)2009-06-10/2009-06-10Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
    LectureDr. Lu , Joyce Jean(Functional screening of regulators mediate stem cell renewal and differentiation)2009-05-26/2009-06-15Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
    LectureProfessor Dale Roberts(Polyandry and the Evolution of Anurans)2009-05-13/2009-05-13Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
    LectureDr. Ching-Fong Chang(Hormones in the scleractinian coral and their implications in reproduction)2009-04-29/2009-04-29Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
    LectureDr.Ming-Shi Shiao(Metabolomics in post-genomic ra: application in iabetes-accelerated atherosclerosis )2009-04-22/2009-04-22Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
    LectureDr. Charles D. Canham(Neighborhood analyses of forest ecosystems using likelihood methods and modeling)2009-04-08/2009-04-08Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
    Lecture紀凱容 博士專題演講(Life Among the Formulae of Physics: An Introduction to Biomechanics)2009-04-01/2009-04-01生命科學館普通植物學教室(LS114)
    Lecture李 健 博士專題演講 (Urocortin 3: Possible link between stress and energy balance?)2009-03-18/2009-03-18Truth Conference Hall (BS109), Basic Science
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