Basic Courses

Chinese, English, calculus, general chemistry and lab, organic chemistry and lab, basic physics and lab, general biology and lab, Introduction to the biological research, biometrics and lab, ecology and lab, genetics and lab, molecular biology, evolution, and information education.

Comparative anatomy and lab, plant anatomy and lab, microscope techniques, plant morphology and lab, plant physiology and lab, plant taxonomy and lab, plant tissue culture and lab, invertebrate zoology and lab, animal physiology and lab, vertebrate zoology and lab, entomology and lab, plant-animal interaction and lab, wildlife survey methods, animal histology and lab, dissertation, animal behavior and lab, concepts of nature conservation, cell biology and lab, microbiology and lab, molecular biology and lab, immunology and lab, ecological evaluation and biodiversity measurement, biotechnolo-gy and lab, virology, biochemistry and lab, Taiwan natural history, population ecology, principles of taxonomy, population genetics, biogeography, plant ecology and lab, plankton biology and lab, physiological ecology, ecological modeling, conservation biology, philosophy of biology, island ecology, wildlife ecology, mammology, life cycle history, behavior ecology, medical entomology, principles of mosquito study, bryology and lab, bryophyte taxonomy, algaeology and lab, radiation biology, vascular biology, special topics in life science, cell ultrastructure, cell physiology, endocrinology, molecular evolution, etc.

The department has a separate department facility and experimental animal room to provide an environment for learning and research. Equipment includes: optical microscopes, anatomical microscopes, enteroscopes, fluorescence microscopes, inverted microscopes, micromanipulator, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, ultracentrifuge, wax microtome, frozen microtome, cell gene-fusion microinjector, osmotic pressure apparatus, water potential dew point microvottmeter, polymerase chain reactor, physiology recorder, fully automatic enzyme immunoassay analyzer, automatic material recorder, electrophoresis system, tree sap flow measurement system, soil moisture analysis system, vibration incubator, oven, heated electromagnetic mixer, pH meter, UV spectrophotometer, deionized water purifier, aseptic laminar flow cabinet, autoclave, precision balance, satellite position receiver, wireless tracker, bat detector, Confocal microscope, Real Time PCR etc.

Teaching and Research Distinctives
1. Present professional and interdisciplinary courses, equally emphasizing theory and applications.
2. Involve all teachers in advising the third and fourth year students in doing their research reports and special topic seminars.
3. Combine academic advising and individual counseling into a single system.
4. Cultivate students' atmosphere of study and research.
5. Work to develop basic biological science and biotechnology personnel.
6. The graduate program has two main emphases: 1) molecular medicine, cell biology, Developmental biology, and Immunology, and 2) Biodiversity, ecology, and evolution.

Academic Activities and Publications
1. Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates all attend academic symposium and present
research reports, such as animal ecology workshops, Chinese Biological Association, International
Conference on Scanning Electron Microscopy, Conference on Disease Vector Control, etc.
2. Faculty and graduate student research results are published in local and overseas academic

Future Careers
Students are equipped to pursue survey work in the lab or in nature itself. Students are also trained to use all types of instruments and equipment techniques, experiment design, statistical analysis of data, and ecological environment evaluation and conservation, etc. According to their interests students may select from: employment - as teachers, research assistants, technicians, analysts,or further study - in local and overseas graduate schools of biology, life science, physiology, biomedicine, medical technology, biopharmacy, microimmunology, molecular medicine, genetics, zoology, botany, plant pathology, entomology, parasitology, fishery, marine resources, marine biology, etc. for a Master's or Ph.D., or postgraduate degree in western or Chinese medicine.

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